/President Iran Dr Rouhani joins Quds Day rallies

President Iran Dr Rouhani joins Quds Day rallies

Tehran, Iran, ABIM (31/5/2019) – President Rouhani joined the large gathering of protesters on International Quds Day minutes ago, and voiced support to the oppressed people of Palestine.

Dr Hassan Rouhani joined people at the Ferdowsi-Enqelab intersection on the last Friday of Ramadan month and accompanied people in displaying support of the oppressed people of Palestine to the world.


Imperialism plots against Holy Quds, Palestine won’t succeed/ Palestinians final victors/Palestinian land to be a sanctuary for Muslims, Christians, Jews


President stressed that the conspiracies of the imperialism and aggressors will not succeed against the Holy Quds and Palestinians, adding, “We have no doubt that the final victory will be at the hands of Palestinians, and the Palestinian land will be a sanctuary for Muslims, Christians and Jews”.

Speaking on the last Friday of Ramadan month at International Quds Day protests in Tehran, President Hassan Rouhani said, “Quds Day is the day of all Muslims standing up to the aggressors in the world and the message of Quds is that Palestine is always alive and Quds belongs to Muslims”.

The enemies of Islam have hatched new plots against Quds in the past two years, he said, adding, “The enemies announced al-Quds as the capital of the Zionist Regime, but except for a couple of small countries, no one supported them”.

“Without a doubt, the Deal of the Century will turn into Failure of the Century, and will not yield results,” continued the President.

He said, “The people of Iran have been taking to the streets for 40 years, chanting against imperialism and Zionists, and the Palestinian people have been resisting against imperialism and the Zionists for 71 years”. (ABIM)