/IDR 14.6 Trillion, the PUPR Ministry Begins Repairing Regional Roads in July

IDR 14.6 Trillion, the PUPR Ministry Begins Repairing Regional Roads in July

Jakarta, ABIM (25/5/2023) – Referring to the President of Republic of Indonesia’s Instruction in Presidential Instruction (Inpres) No. 3 of 2023 concerning the Acceleration of Increasing Regional Road Connectivity, the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) through the Directorate General of Bina Marga will immediately start accelerating development for regional roads as a government priority.
Minister PUPR Basuki Hadimuljono stated that Inpres about Regional Roads aim to deal with damaged non-national roads and increase the stability of regional roads throughout Indonesia through state budge.

“We will immediately execute the President’s orderby starting the tender for work in May 2023, so that by June or no later than July, road conditions can begin to be repaired,” Minister Basuki said.

The Directorate General of Bina Marga Hedy Rahadian continued, In areas with low levels of stability, the acceleration of handling the stability of roads and bridges is prioritized, especially for segments that boost economic growth and increase access to locations that are still remote.

Road damage, support for areas of economic growth, and connectivity with toll roads are among the requirements for priority segments. To anticipate the expansion of slum areas, there are also a number of strategically important industrial locations, including Morowali, Konawe, Weda Bay, and Tanjung Selor. To connect with the national road backbone, we are essentially enhancing regional road connections, according to Hedy.
Regarding regional road development funding, Hedy explained that there are 3 supporting instruments which include the Special Allocation Fund (DAK), government assistance from the regular APBN, and finally through the Presidential Instruction which is more top down in nature.

Currently, the planned budget allocation for the implementation of accelerated improvement of regional road connectivity is IDR 32.79 trillion. “The acceleration of the increase in connectivity will continue in 2024. Meanwhile, the total budget allocated for the first phase of regional roads, which we will soon carry out construction this year, is IDR 14.6 trillion. And we hope that in July, it can start or if it can be June, “explained Hedy.

Regional road preparation must go through a number of steps, commencing with planning, selection, verification, and prioritizing, followed by prioritization and budgeting. This also applies to regional roads that will be handled by the PUPR Ministry this year. “Readiness criteria and priority criteria have to match. As if the design is finished, the land is suitable, and there are sufficient environmental documents. Mainly also those that support economic growth centers, industrial areas and special areas such as the IKN,” Hedy concluded.(ABIM)