/PUPR Ministry Distributed 93,139 Self-Help Housing Units

PUPR Ministry Distributed 93,139 Self-Help Housing Units

Jakarta, ABIM (13/6/2023) – Through the Self-Help Housing Stimulant Assistance (BSPS) program, the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) and the Directorate General (Ditjen) for Housing continue to accelerate the renovation of uninhabitable houses. Nationally, the BSPS program, also known as Bedah Rumah, is expected to increase the quality of community houses by 149,750 units across 34 provinces by 2023.

Iwan Suprijanto, Director General of Housing, stated that the physical progress of the BSPS program had achieved 93,139 units of the total target of 150,050 units as of June 9, or Semester I of 2023. The overall budget for the BSPS program in 2023 is IDR 3.29 trillion.

“The BSPS program is a government assistance program for low-income people that is implemented through the Cash Workforce (PKT) scheme to encourage and increase self-sufficiency in improving the quality of their homes, infrastructure, facilities, and general utilities.” “As today, the workforce has absorbed 171,082 people from a target of 300,100,” Iwan Suprijanto stated.

Iwan Suprijanto expects that by implementing the PKT scheme, the BSPS program will be able to deliver greater benefits to low-income individuals, such as not only providing more decent, healthy, and pleasant housing, but also reducing unemployment and maintaining people’s purchasing power.

“This program really helps people have decent housing with stimulant funds distributed by the government,” Iwan Suprijanto remarked.

According to Iwan Suprijanto, there will be at least three focuses on dealing with self-help houses in 2023: supporting the acceleration of the Extreme Poverty Reduction (PKE) program by improving the quality of uninhabitable houses, dealing with residential areas and integrated slums, and expanding the scope of the Self-help Home Clinic service.

In West Java Province, one of the BSPS schemes that has begun implementation, up to 16,824 housing units are uninhabitable. Currently, the Directorate General of Housing of the Ministry of PUPR has verified 8,559 prospective participants of the BSPS by name by address (BNBA) program through the Java II Housing Provision Implementation Center (BP2P).

“Every person whose house is being renovated gets BSPS funds worth IDR 20 million, with details of IDR 17.5 million for the purchase of building materials and IDR 2.5 million for the wages of masons. We hope for support from the local government, community and the private sector through the CSR program to help and the success of the implementation of BSPS in West Java,” the Head of BP2P Jawa II Kiagoos Egie Ismail stated.

The BSPS program in West Java in 2023 will be implemented in stages. Cianjur Regency has 1,191 units, West Bandung has 1,070 units, Bandung has 2,461 units, Bogor has 373 units, Purwakarta has 204 units, Garut has 347 units, Tasikmalaya has 476 units, Ciamis has 80 units, Kuningan has 30 units, Indramayu has 1,072 units, Cirebon has 403 units, and Karawang has 40 units. Then there were 434 units in Bogor City, 53 in Cimahi, 6 in Bandung, 296 in Tasikmalaya, and 23 in Cirebon.(ABIM)