/The Ministry of PUPR investigates the use of German technology to support the sustainable development of IKN Nusantara

The Ministry of PUPR investigates the use of German technology to support the sustainable development of IKN Nusantara

Jakarta, ABIM (16/6/2023)  – The Minister of Public Works and Housing (PUPR) Basuki Hadimuljono welcomed the German businessmen who had traveled to Indonesia (6/12) with the assistance of the German-Indonesian Chamber of Commerce (EKONID). The development of the Nusantara National Capital (IKN) in East Kalimantan was the topic of discussion during the meeting with the German construction delegates.

Minister Basuki stated that the Indonesian government, through the PUPR Ministry, was highly open to investors exploring collaboration in various infrastructure sectors in IKN Nusantara through the Public Private Partnership (PPP) scheme.

“President Joko Widodo has offered IKN project with highly potential to invest by the Public Private Partnership (PPP) scheme in constructing of buildings, housings, hospitals, commercial centers etc.” Minister Basuki said.

Minister Basuki also conveyed the possibility of cooperation with businessmen from Germany regarding the use of technological innovations that prioritize environmental sustainability to be implemented in supporting the development of IKN.

“Because the geo conditions are so specific, soil conditions.” Perhaps you have technology that could assist us. We also need to know if you have a geotechnical specialist so that we can discuss it in details,” Minister Basuki added.

Minister Basuki said, the PUPR Ministry had started the construction of basic infrastructure at the IKN since early September 2022, including the construction of toll roads and national roads, raw water supply, flood control infrastructure, houses for IKN construction workers, and the minister’s official residence. Minister Basuki also conveyed the importance of using domestic product components (Domestic Component Level) in the development of IKN to maintain the national economy.

Minister Basuki also expressed his appreciation for the collaboration that has been established between the Government of Indonesia and Germany in the development of sanitation infrastructure, namely Final Processing Sites (TPA) through the Emission Reduction in Cities–Solid Waste Management (ERIC-SWM) Program which are spread across Malang City, Central Jambi, Sidoarjo Regency and Jombang Regency.

Accompanying Minister Basuki, Secretary General of the PUPR Ministry Mohammad Zainal Fatah, Director General of Bina Marga Hedy Rahadian, Director General of Cipta Karya Diana Kusumastuti, Director General of Infrastructure and Housing Financing Herry Trisaputra Zuna, and Director General of Construction Development Rachman Arief Dienaputra.(ABIM)