/Inaugurating TPS3R on the PUPR Campus, Minister Basuki: Manage Waste for a Quality Environment

Inaugurating TPS3R on the PUPR Campus, Minister Basuki: Manage Waste for a Quality Environment

Jakarta, ABIM (16/8/2023) – On the commemoration of the 78th Indonesian Independence Day, PUPR Minister Basuki Hadimuljono inaugurated and inspected the Reuse, Reduce and Recycle Waste Management Site (TPS3R) located in the Ministry of PUPR’s Head Office or Campus Area in Jakarta, Wednesday (08/16).

“The construction of TPS3R aims to improve the internal waste management system within the PUPR Ministry Office in Jakarta and reorganize the TPS area by optimizing the available area,” Minister Basuki said.

According to Diana Kusumastuti, director general of Cipta Karya, TPS3R enhances the management of organic waste by using the Black Soldier Flies method for food waste and the Open Windrow method for garden waste.

“Maggots produced by the Black Soldier Fly technique may be used as animal feed. While solid compost that can be used as plant fertilizer is the outcome of the Open Window approach, Diana stated.

In terms of the waste management procedure, waste will be sorted and processed according to type after being collected at the TPS3R of the Ministry of PUPR. Transported inorganic waste will be converted into recycled goods at RPM. Meanwhile, residual waste will serve as fuel.

Eki Arsita, Head of Physical Infrastructure, General Bureau, Secretariat General, said that waste bank activities are one of the activities that will be implemented to improve waste management within the Ministry of PUPR.

Every time a PUPR Ministry employee deposits waste, they receive points that may be redeemed for a digital balance or credit on the Waste4Change application, according to Eki.

Minister Basuki also appreciated the waste management system which will certainly increase the awareness of every PUPR employee in protecting the environment. Including a reward system in the form of exchanging points at the waste bank.

“You can use a reverse vending machine, which is usually used to swap plastic bottles, for the waste bank drop point. Later, they can be swapped for points or money, according to Minister Basuki.

Besides officially opening TPS3R at the PUPR Ministry Area, Minister Basuki also inspected the Auditorium Park, which features culturally distinct miniature homes from Papua to Aceh that symbolize Indonesia’s equal growth and a brand-new social space.

Accompanying Minister Basuki, Secretary General Mohammad Zainal Fatah, Director General of Cipta Karya Diana Kusumastuti and Expert Staff to the Minister of PUPR for Technology, Industry and Environment, Endra S. Atmawidjaja.(ABIM)