/The “Modern Work Award”, the International Work Award 2021

The “Modern Work Award”, the International Work Award 2021

Berlin, Germany, ABIM (10/5/2021) – Between 2018 and 2020, Anna and Nils Schnell traveled through a total of 34 countries on their #modernworktour, a modern waltz, to visit companies around the world that are collaborating in new ways. There they met dedicated founders, teams and companies whose work is an inspiration for the new world of work. The Modern Work Award was not only intended to honor and reward this, but also to make these inspiring initiatives publicly available.


In the entertaining 26 minutes long ceremony, which was recorded at MEISSNER Studios, Nils Schnell presented the winners in all three categories. Applications were received from twelve countries on four continents. The eight-member international jury then scrutinized the participating companies in terms of key New Work principles such as purpose-driven work, diversity, transparency, self-determination and learning and sharing culture. You can watch the ceremony now on youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0cimWF-H80&ab_channel=MOWOMINDGbR

Modern Work Award The International Work Award 2021 Category New Work Explorer

The winners in the “New Work Explorer” category are: “African Clean-up Initiative” from Nigeria and “ZF Friedrichshafen AG” from Germany share third place.

Second place goes to “Contorion” – also from Germany.

First place was won by “JC Legal” – a Hong Kong law firm run solely by women.


Modern Work Award The International Work Award 2021 Category New Work Performer

The winners in the “New Work Performer” category are: Third place went to “Qraft Mind” from Uganda

and second place went to “Full Circle Funerals’ from the UK.

The first place went to “Flaconi” from Germany, a online company for beauty products. They developed the ‘traveler and settler approach’ where everybody can decide if they want to work in the office or elsewhere.

Modern Work Award The International Work Award 2021 Category New Work Shaper        The winners in the “New Work Shaper” category are: Third place in this category went to “Industrie- und Handelskammer Mittleres Ruhrgebiet” from Germany

and the second place went to “MySugr” from Austria.

The first place went to “Live Sciences” from Switzerland. They have Modern Work already deeply embedded in their DNA with for example full transparent salaries and work in a self-organized teal structure.

The first place winners were informed about their victory in the ceremony and had the opportunity to present their Modern Work initiatives. A diverse and colorful light could thus be shed on the new world of work and it became clear that all over the world people are actively involved in reshaping work and thus reshaping the future of our work.

Many thanks and congratulations to all winners and participants. Next year, the Modern Work Award 2022 will be awarded again. Meanwhile, you can already get in touch and exchange ideas in the “Modern Work Award” Club on LinkedIn.